1986 Nishiki International
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Broken Dropout

In 1986 while in college at the University of Oregon, spent $600 on this fantastic bike. Put out another $50 to go from Suntour Sprint derailleurs to Shimano 600 index shifter, first of it's kind. Still have this bike, and the ride is amazing. Great for long distances in the aero bars. Have put mountain bike bars on it, tri set up, most recently it was wearing a cyclocross fork from Brent Steelman.

Larry Norris used this as a cross bike for 2003. It came back with a hole in the left chainstay (photo below, outside) which was filled by John Tellarico/Bicycle Outfitters. I just noticed that the right rear dropout also has cracked completely through.

Regardless, it's now built up again and weighs 20lbs 3 oz with old dura ace cranks, ultegra shifters and rear derailleur, 8 spd ultegra front derailleur (some chain rub), and spare parts. Still rides great and climbs well; just did 20:20 climbing old la honda.

Snapped this picture of the original version at Wildflower a few years ago. Mine had toeclps with pink straps. This bike still has the same pink cable housings. I had mine painted british racing green.

See more pictures here

Here are copies of the original review from June 1986 Bicycle Guide Magazine:

first tri, 1988!

j-disc, sram shifters

Deathride '96
using cardboard to 
keep warm in the hail

more pics