First Car: '84 Honda Civic CRX
Purchased 1984 for $6900.
Sold 1990 with 119,000 miles for $2600 cash.

Dad was so nice to spot this car and say "this is for you!". It was the best handling, most fun to drive car, maybe of all time. A friend said "you get the feeling you can do any thing in it". It taught me how to take care of things and started my lifelong auto-addiction. Served me well, through senior year in high school, college, and to many a triathlon. Drove it at 70+ on packed snow in Oregon with no problems.
Amazing how we would always stuff a third person in the rear but they wouldn't complain. Only oddity was it would idle at 2000 rpm until warmed up. Got as low as 19mpg and as high as 45.

A crash into a berm bent the frame and she was never the same. In this picture above, had just been broken into in SF. Stole 1000$+ of nice clothes. Below, getting ready to visit Brad Beckstead and Larry Boyle en route to the Desert Princess Biathlon.


  • Pull out stereo with tape deck

  • Bra which tore up the paint more

  • Graphic EQ with amp

  • Jenson 4" in front

  • Variety of speakers in back