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The Crash

The story:
El Nor scooting down, Stepp and Chan in hot pursuit. I, of course, am grandma-ing it gingerly.

Description of accident: Stepp, at full speed, focusing on Larry's ass (instead of the road), hooks rock [see INITIAL POINT OF IMPACT] with front wheel, wrenching the handlebars to 90 degrees. Still moving at 18 mph, bike attached, Stepp, airborne, arcs up and over terra firma for a conservative 15 foot distance. During this enternity in flight, Stepp, contemplating his love for life, a good morning shit and other wonderments, realizes that he is about to die. Using skills only he possesses, he rolls his body and bends his head forward. Instants later [see FINAL POINT OF IMPACT], Stepp SLAMS his back, marginally protected by the oh-so-sweet camelback, into the inert and large piece of granite wall, er, rock. The prone position you see is the final resting point.

Onlooker #1, aka, Norris, lends a supporting comment or two. Needless to say, Stepp took on a slower pace for the rest of the day, forcing me to haul Norris' ass back in a 20+mph, ball-breaking draft back to the sanctity of the automobile to rescue our domestique.