Prognostications 2006
From Dan Hankins

Hum... by my calculations Twain should be an Ad Sense millionaire about the time the sun goes into its red giant phase and consumes the earth.

Regarding tagging, it obviously has a lot of hype surrounding it. However, it can be extremely useful. For example, if you wanted to find some pictures of something obscure... say like a bougainvillea plant, you might try this search:
Or if you were interested in something like weather forecasting, you might try this:
If you spend a little time browsing through these search results, you'll find pictures and sites that you'd never find by any other means (including Google). Can't say that this is real "mainstream" yet, but shows the power of tagging.
Oh, and I'd argue that it is Yahoo!, Google, et al.'s job to figure out that the tag "weather" is similar to the tag "wx"... that is some folks use the weather tag while others use the wx tag. Some sort of hyper-parallel-fuzzylogic-datamining magic should be able to create "standard" names for things from everyone's tag chaos.
Regarding "There is a reason why big music labels ARE big and why they seem formulaic." Yes, there is a reason: self space at Wal-Mart is limited. Therefore a small number of bands end up selling almost all the music. The hyperglobalinterweb changes the distribution paradigm. I feel that this is/will have a huge effect on the music and especially talk radio. For example, you can now get more quality, "indie" technology news and editorial via podcasting then there are hours in the day. This is something that you couldn't do just one year ago.
I'm also big on the future of internet-specific devices. I've got a Dell PDA which I use exclusively as an RSS news reader along with some light web browsing. It really kicks ass for checking up on your RSS feeds via Bloglines. The only thing that counts for me on this device is the web browser (which, by the way, is a piece of crap).
Word on cell phones. As long as the carriers stand between the users and the content, this entire industry will remain the internet on training wheels. Same hype, different number in front the "G" and on the end of "200".