Toyota Land Cruiser: 1998 UZJ-100
Purchased September 18, 2002 $37,000
Less 15k for trade in of FJ45

Lease on the Grand Cherokee was coming to an end. Came very close to buying a Toyota Sequoia.  

Purchased from Jonathan Ward of TLC 4x4. Took video of truck in advance.

This is an amazing auto; handles quite well, and the tires/wheels reduce body lean substantially.

Absolutely mint condition on arrival. Paint is excellent with only a few chips. Interior is excellent - a few loose bits.

Only complaints: Gas mileage is poor (about 11mpg) and there is a significant blind spot. 

SOLD: 4/29/06, 117,444 miles. Traded for Toyota Highlander


  • 230 hp v-8 engine

  • All options


  • Cross drilled/vented rotors and performance pads. Installed prior to purchase

  • Alpine Type-R SPR-176A separates 6 3/4 in front door 

  • Alpine SPR-174A 6 3/4" rear, installed by Monney on 10/5/02

  • Tuffy matts front/rear/cargo

  • Hella horns

  • New battery on 10/5/02

  • JAOS Super Ziga wheels

  • 6/18/05 replaced Pirelli Scorpions with Yokahama AVS STs at 105,700 miles. Got 23k miles on Pirellis; they had 12 patches altogether (one had 3 plus a nail).