My first car was an '84 Honda CRX, an absolute blast to drive. But after 119,000 miles of hard driving, it was on it's last legs. My friend's mom had an '82 Audi 5000 and it always impressed me-great handling and phenomenal ride. In '83, our neighbor (an Audi dealer) came home with an orange URQ which we drooled over. I had driven a coupe and was amazed by it's practicality-a rear seat with actual leg room and a useful trunk. Finally purchased a coupe in '86 and I was hooked.

The downside of AUDI's is their constant need of TLC, mysterious electrical demons, and $$$. They also missed the boat on providing good lighting; the headlights on the Coupe were pathetic and the ones on the wagon are hardly any better. Somehow, I averaged $2000 a year in maintenance on the Coupe and broke engine mounts (3) and a front sway bar connector. The upside is that every day you look forward to driving it and they don't get too affected by age-the clutch finally gave out in the Coupe after 139,000 miles and my sister's brief stint behind the wheel.

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Audi Links:

  • Euroquattro-the site I did for my Audi mechanic, Tony Dvorkak. Great guy, most immaculate shop I've seen.
  • The Quattro List is a must have addition to any AUDI owner. The best place to learn about AUDI foibles and quirks.
  • Jet's Audi A4 site-wow, the A4 addict's site. Check out the FAQ

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