Fourth Audi: '00 A6 4.2
Purchased May 20, 2000 $52,880
Specs courtesy of AudiWorld
Sold February 1, 2012
178,672 miles for $2,250 to Tony Dvorak

Wow, what an amazing car. 

300 hp. Huge rear seat. 4.8" of ground clearance (vs 4" for the A4). And it's not a wagon!

Beautiful blueberry and vanilla interior. Very decent sound system. 

Built in handling system is a bit freaky (brakes for you in turns) and P6000 tires hunt a bit on the road.

Flat spotted two rims and have had tire wear problems ever since.

December 2004, upgraded to Hotchkis swaybars; it's a new car now. Body lean has been reduced considerably. Read more here.


Decided to buy and keep forever. Time to be a daddy with this car.


  • (4)New tires at 22,671 miles(yokAVSsport)

  • (4)New tires at 43,564 (Bridgestone RE730)

  • (4)New tires at 61,457 (Bridgestone RE750)

  • (2)New tires at 89,660 (RE750)

  • (2)New tires at 101,200 (RE750) 4/15/06

  • (2)New tires at 108,300 (RE750) 11/4/06

  • (1)New refurb wheel at 127,312 2/17/08

  • (4)New tires at 127,312 (RE750) 2/17/08

  • (4)New tires at 142,202 (RE760) 4/13/08

  • (4)New tires at 161,823 (RE760) 11/14/2010

Original Equipment:

  • Ming blue paint

  • 17" wheels

  • GPS (didn't want)

  • ESP stability package

  • Xenon headlights (amazing)

  • 300 hp V-8


  • Boston Acoustics separates-6" front

  • 11/30/04: Hotchkis swaybars at 76,871 miles

  • 9/19/05: Audi Sport springs/shocks installed at 89,660 miles

Faded Roof

Gorgeous Interior


AudiWorld Specs

Trim Levels, Colors and Available Options
Available Trim Levels: 2.8 sedan (fwd or quattro) / 2.8 Avant quattro / 2.7T quattro / 4.2 quattro
Available Options:
  • Convience Package: Glass slide and tilt sunroof with sunshade; Multi-function steering wheel with Audio controls; Auto dimming inside and outside review mirrors; HomeLink 3 channel remote transmitter located in driver's sunvisor; 3-position memory for driver seat and outer mirrors (standard equipment on 4.2 model)
  • Cold Weather Package: Heated front seats, heated windshield washer nozzles, heated driver door lock, expandable ski/storage sack (2.8 and 2.7T models only)
  • Warm Weather Package: Solor sunroof to operate interior blowers when vehicle parked in sun; Rear side window manual sunshades; Power rear window sunshade (sedan only)
  • Sport Package (2.7T only) Sport steering wheel; 5 twin spoke 7j x 16 cast alloy wheels with 215/55 performance tires
  • Quattro all-wheel drive (standard on models except 2.8 sedan)
  • Inflatable "Sideguard" curtain airbags (standard equipment on 4.2 model)
  • Rear side airbags for outboard passengers (seat mounted)
  • Rear facing removable children's bench seat (2.8 Avant only)
  • Hands free-cellular telephone located in center armrest
  • Audi navigation system
  • 6-disc trunk mounted CD changer
  • Leather seat upholstery (standard equipment on 4.2 model)
  • Xenon headlights with automatic level control
  • 200 Watt Bose premium sound system with trunk mounted subwoofer
  • Front and rear heated seats (seperate option for 4.2 model only)
  • 17 inch 8-spoke alloy wheel with 255/40 performance tire (option for 4.2 model only)
  • Available Exterior Colors: Ming Blue / Brilliant Black / Aluminum Silver Metallic / Melange Metallic / Volcano Black / Casablanca White / Racing Green / Andorra Red / Jaspis Green / Cashmere Gray / Tornado Red / Pearl White

    Technical Specs
    Model: 2.8 2.8 Avant 2.7T quattro 4.2 quattro
    Engine/Engine Design
    Type: V6, 90 degree, DOHC, gasoline Six-cylinder four-stroke, spark ignition, two light alloy cylinder heads, three inlets and two (sodium-cooled) exhaust valves, DOHC, twin turbochargers DOHC aluminum alloy 90 degree V8, LEV exhaust standard
    Bore: 3.25 in (82.5 mm) 3.19 in. (81 mm) 3.32 in. (84.5 mm)
    Stroke: 3.40 in. (86.4 mm) 3.40 in. (86.4 mm) 3.66 in. (93 mm)
    Displacement: 169 cu. in. (4172 cc) 193 cu. in. (2671 cc) 255 cu. in. (4172 cc)
    Compression Ratio: 10.3:1 9.3:1 n/a
    Horsepower (SAE Net): 200 @ 6000 RPM 250 @ 5800 RPM 300 @ 6200 RPM
    Torque: 207 ft. lbs.@ 3200+ RPM 258 ft. lbs.@ 1850 RPM 295 ft. lbs.@ 3000-4000 RPM
    Cylinder block: Cast Iron Aluminum alloy
    Crankshaft: Forged Steel, 4 main bearings Forged Steel, 5 main bearings
    Cylinder head: Aluminum alloy
    Valve Train: DOHC, belt driven, hydraulic lifters / variable intake valve timing and variable geometry composite intake manifold DOHC, belt driven, hydraulic lifters / 3 path variable intake manifold, roller camshaft followers, variable intake camshaft timing
    Firing Order: 1-4-3-6-2-5 1-5-4-8-6-3-7-2
    Cooling System: Water-cooled, thermostatically controlled radiator fan
    Fuel/Ignition System: Electronic multi-point sequential fuel injection, hot film air mass sensor, solid state direct ignition with multiple coils, dual knock sensors w/cylinder selective knock control and fully adaptive controls. Electronic sequential fuel injection, mapped-characteristic ignition with solid-state ignition, variable intake camshaft control, cylinder-selective knock control, exhaust temperture control, corridinated engine-torque control, ME 7.0 Motronic with electronic throttle control ME 7.0 Motronic with electronic multi-point sequential fuel injection, hot film air mass sensor, solid state direct ignition with multiple coils, dual knock sensors w/ cylinder selective knock control and fully adaptive controls, electronic throttle control
    Emission System: Dual 3-way catalytic converters w/individual oxygen sensors Two tubular exhaust manifolds with air-gap insulation, pre catalytic converters close to engine, two main catalytic convertes underfloor, oxygen sensing for each cylinder bank with fur heated oxygen sensors Dual 3-way catalytic converters w/individual (four) oxygen sensors
    Type: Fwd or quattro all-wheel drive quattro all-wheel drive quattro all-wheel drive quattro all-wheel drive
    Transmission: 5-speed manual or five-speed automatic with Tiptronic, Dynamic Shift Program and automatic shift lock Five-speed automatic with Tiptronic, Dynamic Shift Program and automatic shift lock 6-speed manual or five-speed automatic, Dynamic Shift Program Tiptronic and automatic shift lock Five-speed automatic with Tiptronic and automatic shift lock
    Gear Ratios:
    Final Drive
    Manual (Auto)
    n/a (3.665:1)
    n/a (1.999:1)
    n/a (1.407:1)
    n/a (1.000:1)
    n/a (0.742:1)
    ---- (----)
    n/a (4.096:1)
    n/a (3.409:1)
    Manual (Auto)
    3.500:1 (3.665:1)
    1.889:1 (1.999:1)
    1.231:1 (1.407:1)
    0.987:1 (1.000:1)
    0.806:1 (0.742:1)
    0.684:1 (----)
    n/a (4.096:1)
    4.111:1 (3.511:1)
    Type: Rack & pinion, servotronic - vehicle speed variable power assist
    Ratio: 16.2:1
    Turns (lock-to-lock): 2.81 2.8
    Turning circle (curb-to-curb): 38.3 ft. (11.68 m)
    Front: Four link with upper and lower control arms, stabilizer bar, coil spring/shock absorber (gas charged)
    Rear (Fwd): Torsion-beam azel with trailing arms, stabilizer bar, coil spring/shock absorbers (gas charged) n/a
    Rear (quattro): Double control arm (upper and lower), stabilizer bar, coil spring/shock absorbers (gas charged)
    Service brake: Anti-lock brake system (ABS 5.3), vacuum power assist, with asbestos-free linings, dual diagonal circuits and electronic rear brake pressure proportioning Diagonally split dual circuites, ABS/EBV; brake booster servo. At front, ventilated discs and high-performance twin-pistion HP2 calipers, at rear, disc brakes
    Front, size and type: 11.34 in. (288 mm) - Ventilated disc 12.6 in. (321 mm) - Ventilated disc
    Rear, size and type: 9.64 in. (245 mm) - Solid disc 10.1 in. (256 mm) - Ventilated disc
    Wheels & Tires
    Wheel size: 7j x 16 inch cast aluminum, nine spoke design 7j x 16 inch cast alloy; five spoke design 8j x 16
    Tire size: 205/55 R 16 H speed rated all season radial 215/60 R 16 all-season tire 235/50 16 all-season
    Material: Fully galvanized (both sides) steel Fully galvanized (both sides) steel, aluminum front hood
    Corrosion protection: Multi-step anti-corrosion process
    Engine Oil: 6.3 U.S. quarts (6 liter) 6.3 U.S. quarts (5 liter) 8 U.S. quarts (7.5 liter)
    Fuel Tank: 18.5 U.S. gallons (70 liter) 18.5 U.S. gallons 21.7 U.S. gallons
    Cooling System: 6.3 U.S. quarts 11.6 U.S. quarts
    Exterior Dimensions
    Wheelbase: 108.7 in. (108.6 quattro) 108.6 in. 108.6 in. 108.6 in.
    Front Track: 60.6 in. (1540 mm) 58.9 in. (1498 mm) 62.1 in. (1578 mm)
    Rear Track: 61.8 in. 62.0 in. 58.2 in. (58.1 quattro) 62.6 in. (1590 mm)
    Overall lenth: 192.0 in. (4877 mm) 193.4 in. (4913 mm)
    Overall Width: 76.1 in. (1932 mm)
    Height (unloaded): 57.2 in. (1452 mm) (57.1 quattro) 58.2 in. (1479 mm) - with roof rails 57.2 in. (1452 mm) 57 in. (1448 mm)
    Ground Clearance: 4.3 in. (110 mm) 4.2 in. (107 mm) 4.2 in. (107 mm) 4.8 in. (123 mm)
    Curb Weight : 3638 lbs (1650 kg) - quattro/manual 3947 lbs. (1790 kg) 3759 lbs (1705 kg) - manual 4024 lbs. (1825 kg)
    Weight Distribution % front/rear 59/41 (quattro/manual) 56/44 59/41 (manual) 60/40 (auto) 60/40
    Interior Dimensions
    Seating Capacity: 5
    Front Leg room: 41.3 (1049 mm)
    Rear Leg room: 37.3 in. (948 mm)
    Interior Volume Front: 52.7 cu. ft
    Interior Volume Rear: 45.6 cu. ft 46.6 cu. ft 45.6 cu. ft 45.6 cu. ft
    Luggage cpacity: 17.2 cu. ft (15.4 quattro) 36.4 cu. ft (73.2 w/ rear seats folded) 15.4 cu. ft 15.4 cu. ft
    0-50 mph (0-80 kmh): 6.8 sec ((6.9 quattro) - auto 7.2 sec. 4.7 sec. (4.9 sec. auto) 5 sec.
    0-60 mph (0-100 kmh): 8.8 sec (9.3 sec. quattro) - auto 9.6 sec 6.0 sec (6.6 sec. auto) 6.7 sec
    1/4 Mile: 17 sec (17.2 sec. quattro) - auto 17.4 sec 14.7 sec (15.1sec. auto) 15 sec
    Top estimated speed: 130 mph (203 kmh) - Electronically limted for North America
    Fuel Economy (quattro models)
    City: 17 mpg 17 mpg n/a n/a
    Highway: 27 mpg (26 mpg quattro/auto) 26 mpg n/a n/a
    Combined: 21 mpg (20 mpg quattro/auto) 20 mpg n/a n/a

    Standard Features
    Technical: • 2.8 liter DOHC 5-valve 200 hp V6 engine with variable intake valve timing and intake manifold path (2.8 sedan and Avant only)
    • 2.7 liter, 250 hp, V6 DOHC bi-turbo engine with direct ignition, electronic tubo boost regulation and 5 valves per cylinder, ME 7.0 Motronic with electronic throttle control (2.7T model only)
    • 4.2 liter DOHC aluminum alloy 300 hp 90 degree V8 engine, 5-valves per cylinder, variable intake magnesium manifold with 3 intake paths, direct ignition system, roller camshaft followers, variable intake camshaft timing
    • 5-speed manual transmission with synchronized reverse gear (2.8 sedan quattro only)
    • 6-speed manual transmission with synchronized reverse gear (2.7T model only)
    • 5-speed automatic transmission with Tiptronic, DSP (selects from over 200 shift programs to match drivers needs) and hill detection capability
    • "FrontTrak" drive system with front wheel drive, 4 link front suspension and ASR (anti-slip regulation) system (2.8 sedan only))
    • "quattro IV" - permanent all-wheel drive system, includes Torsen torque sensing center differential; front and rear electronic differential locks (EDL) (standard on Avant models)
    • Anti-lock brake system (ABS 5.3) with electronic differential lock (EDL) and electronic rear brake pressure regulation
    • CFC-free air conditioning refrigerant
    • Fully galvanized steel unibody contruction with aluminum hood (2.8 and 2.7T models only)
    • Fully galvanized steel unibody contruction with aluminum hood and front fenders (4.2 model only)
    Wheels / Tires / Suspension / Steering: • 7j x 16 inch alloy wheels with 505/55 16-inch H-speed all-seas tires (2.8 models only)
    • 5-spoke 7jx16 inch cast alloy wheels with 215/55 R16 all seas tires (2.7T model only)
    • 8J x 16 inc 6-spoke cast alloy wheels with 235/50 all-season tires
    • Four link front suspension
    • Full size spare tire with alloy wheel
    • Torsion beam trailing arm rear axle with under floor coil springs (2.8 fwd sedan)
    • Double A-arm rear suspension (quattro models)
    • "Servotronic" - vehicle speed-sensitive power rack and pinion steering
    • Leather covered 4-spoke steering wheel, tilt and telescopic
    • Tilt and telescopic (manual) adjustable steering column (2.8 & 2.7T models only)
    • Electrically adjustable tilt and telescopic steering column with automatic tilt-away for ease of entry and exit (4.2 model only)
    Exterior: • 5 mph (Federal standard) bumpers, painted in body color
    • Bumper covers contoured to be flush with body surface and profile
    • Protective side moldings, painted in body color
    • Body color, flush door handles
    • Bright trim around side windows and lower trunk lid
    • Body color outside mirror; left side flat, right side convex
    • Heatable windshield washer nozzles
    • Metallic paint at no extra charge
    • Roof rails with bright finish (2.8 Avant only)
    • Aluminum door sill strips with "Audi" script
    Exterior lighting: • Aerodynamic halogen headlights, 3-way lights, including integrated ellipsoid low beam and fog lights
    • Two front fog lights
    • One rear fog light (integrated in left rear of trunk lid license plate surround)
    • White side turn indicator lights in front fenders with amber shine-through bulbs
    • High pressure headlight washers, retractable
    • Red taillight lenses with shine through amber turn signal light bulb
    • "Puddle" lights in all four doors
    Interior lighting: • Interior lights in front and rear headliner with fade-in and fade-out feature, time delay and automatic switch on when key is withdrawn from ingnition
    • Front and rear reading lights located in headliner
    • Red ambient LED lighting in headliner for front center console illumination
    • Illumination for interior door release handles
    • Front and rear footwell lights
    • Illuminated glove box, rear cargo area, lighter and ashtray
    • Auto dimming outside and inside rear view mirros (4.2 model only)
    Comfort and Convenience: • Fully automatic dual zone climate control system with sun sensors and active charcoal filter
    • Power windows with: power retention (until either front door open); "one touch down" for all four windows; "pinch protection" for all four windows; "one touch up" for front windows; driver controlled lock out switch for rear power windows
    • Steering wheel with Audio controls (4.2 model only)
    • Electronic cruise control with coast, resume and speed up features
    • Electrically adjustable outside mirrors with defog feature
    • Electric rear window defogger with automatic timed shut off feature
    • Power central locking system (doors, deck lid, and fuel door), with selective unlock (enables unlocking of a single door or all doors), plus: Convenience close feature for windows and sunroof; master switch located in driver and front passenger door; convenient open for windows.
    • Rear deck lid release with "soft touch" open
    • Radio frequency remote locking system with selective unlock, remote trunk opening and panic function. Also activates interior lights and alarm system (control integrated in folding ignition key)
    • Remote power trunk lid release button located in driver's door
    • Illuminated vanity mirrors in right and left sunvisors
    • 4 assist handles with slow retraction feature
    • Folding ignition key with remote controls and interior key profile
    • Glass slide/tilt sunroof with sunshade (4.2 model only)
    • Homelink garage door opener in driver sunshade (4.2 model only)
    Seating: • 12-way power front drivers and passenger seats including electric lumbar adjustment and lockable head restraints
    • 3-position memory for driver seat and outer mirrors (4.2 model only)
    • 3 adjustable head restraints for rear seats
    • 1/3, 2/3 split fold rear seats
    • Rear seats with locking seat backs (sedan models only)
    • Folding from center armrest with adjustable height and storage area for cellular telephone
    • Prepration for rear facing children's benc seat including two 3-point seat belts and seat anchor points (2.8 Avant only)
    Interior: • Jocquard cloth or leatherette seat upholstery (2.8 and 2.7T models only)
    • Leather upholstery, including door panel inserts (4.2 model only)
    • Leather shift knob
    • Full length center console with: Forward storage bin in front of shift selector / fold out cup holder; storage area under front center armrest area; adjustable rear passenger air vents and rear power outlet
    • Two retractable front cup holders (one in dash and one in center console)
    • Rectractable storage tray in left side of center dashboard console (quattro models only)
    • Two retracktable rear cup holders (located in center of rear seat bottom cushion)
    • Owners manual wallet (storage area) below steering column
    • Rear seat heater ducts under front seats
    • Genuine wood inlays in instrument panel, center console and door
    • Front and rear floor mats
    • Rear cargo area mat and footwell mats (Avant only)
    • Four tie-down eyelets with luggage net in trunk
    • Power outlet in rear cargo area (Avant only)
    • Retractable rear luggage area partition net (attached to rear 2/3 seat back) (Avant model only)
    • Retractable rear luggage cover, removable (Avant only)
    • Retractable rear window sunshade (Avant only)
    • Tool kit located in left rear storage compartment in luggage area
    • Fold down rear center armrest
    • Expandable ski sack (Avant only)
    Instrumentation and Electrical Equipment: • Backlit instrument cluster with automatic brightness control; including: Tachometer, electric speedometer, digital clock with date, fuel gauge; temperature gauge, oil temperature gauge; voltmeter; white illumination with red pointers
    • Digital odometer with service interval indicator
    • Driver information display including: outside temperature display; 5-function trip computer; radio/telephone display; active Auto Check system with speed warning device; pictogram display for open door and trunk lid
    • Anti-theft alarm system with interior monitoring sensors and defeat switch for interior monitoring
    • Windshield wipers with 4-position adjustable intermittent interval rate
    • Symphony 2-DIN AM/FM cassette/single CD radio with: RDS (Radio display system displays radio station call letters and other information); GALA (Graduated Audio Level Adjustment, varies volume based on vehicle speed)
    • 140 watt 8-speaker premium sound system with subwoofer located in trunk (2.8 & 2.7T models only)
    • 200 W Premium sound system with subwoofer (4.2 model only)
    • Pre-wiring for Motorola hands-free telephone (includes speaker, microphone and transceiver mounting bracket)
    • Pre-wiring for 6-disc CD changer (including mounting bracket in trunk)
    • Diversity (four) rear window glass radio antenna (Sedan models only)
    • Roof mounted tri-band antenna with flesible mast (Avant only)
    • Rear window wiper and washer (Avant only)
    Safety: • Driver and front passenger next generation airbags supplemental retraints
    • Front seat mounted side airbags
    • SIDEGUARD inflatable curtain airbags (4.2 model only)
    • Front 3-point safety belts with automatic pretensioning and height adjustable upper mounts
    • Three rear 3-point safety belts with automatic pretensioning
    • Front passenger side, and rear safety belts with ALR (automatic retractor lock, a ratcheting mechanism for conveniently securing a child seats)
    • Rear child seat tether anchor (Avant only)
    • Child-safety rear door locks, including rear decklid on Avant
    • Central locking system with safety unlock feature (unlocks doors and turns on interior lights if airbag deploys)
    • Active reflectors in rear of all doors
    • First Aid kit located in rear center armrest
    • Emergency warning triangle located in trunk