Third Audi: '98 A4 Avant
Leased 11/12/1997 for $35,500.
Returned May 21, 2000

Wow, is this thing sweet. Since ALL maintenance costs are covered for 3 years, I figured I would lease it and escape the nosebleed costs of typical Audi maintenance. When the lease is over, so is the maintenance. Besides, in three years, if we're not all driving electric cars, I'll get an Avant S-4.

It is simply amazing. I was sick of maintenance costs and tired of driving a stick in traffic. This thing has two personalities in one! As docile as an Accord in "auto"-switch the tiptronic into "fun" and it hauls ass!

Most amazing is the handling ability. Sticks like velcro and the Dunlop 8000's don't complain. Nothing like spinning 4 wheels in dirt and gravel. Body lean is very minimal though there is some understeer when the front wheels break loose first. Who knew that u-turns could be so much fun?

Though much smaller than the 200, still very practical and much more maneuverable. Only downside: gas mileage. I've yet to crack 17mpg!

Best handling car I've owned. 2 nits-low ground clearance was problematic and rear seat room limited. Hated leasing it because couldn't drive it like I owned it.


  • Audi CD changer-$295

  • Boston Acoustics separates-4.5" front, 6.5" rear-$500

  • Yakima bike rack adapters-$110


  • Pearl paint

  • Tiptronic auto 5 spd

  • Sports suspension

  • Grey leather seats


  • New plastic engine protector and fender covers (ripped them off in Lake Tahoe). $600

  • New engine oil pan (dented it this time). $900