Owning front and four-wheel drive means you get to try a lot of tires!
Here's a summary of my experience.

Tire Dry Handling Wet Handling Ride Comments Car

Yokahama AVS ST
So far even smoother than the Scorpions   Excellent Not quite as good looking as the Scorpion but very agressive. Impressive. Ttreadwear 320. '98 Land Cruiser

Pirelli Scorpion Zero
Great for SUV Not so good in mud Excellent Great looking tire that improved handling of our Jeep Grand Cherokee and Land Cruiser. Awesome tread life. Treadwear: 300 '95 Grand Cherokee, '98 Land Cruiser

Yokohama AVS Sport
Good, better than pirelli P6000 Good Good Got 20,900 miles from set of 6 tires. Treadwear: 180 Audi A6

Bridgestone RE730
Very Good Very Good Acceptable Forced to quickly replace AVS tires. Purchased from local shop. Nice handling tire, stiff sidewall. Treadwear: 330. Life expectancy: 25,000 miles Audi A6

Pirelli P6000
Mediocre Mediocre Good OEM tire for A6 4.2 
Soft sidewall exacerbated body lean. Lasted 22,671 miles. Treadwear:: 180
Audi A6
Yok AVS Intermediate Awesome. Best I've had Same Harsh Best tire I've owned. Don't last too long, though Audi front wheel drive coupe
Yok 509 Good. More slip than AVS Vague in rain Good Good all around tire. Audi front wheel drive coupe
Michelin XGT M&S Weak Mediocre Good These sucked. Lots of roll. Got stuck in snow even when brand new Audi front wheel drive coupe
Goodyear Eagle GT Good Good Good Good tire for the price Audi front wheel drive coupe
Pirelli P7 Very good Very good Harsh The best looking tire ever? Great deal cause they don't make them any more. Audi front wheel drive coupe
Phoenix Stahlflex Good Good Harsh Wore out quickly Honda CRX
Michelin MXL Good but vague Awful Good Tend to plow and push. Dangerous in rain. Honda CRX
Continental CH51 Great Good Excellent Great all-around tire Honda CRX
Riken M&S Mediocre Poor Good Good in snow, terrible in rain Audi 4-wheel drive wagon
Dunlop A-60's Good Very Good Excellent Good cruising tire. Very sensitive to PSI changes. Dangerous roll with high PSI. Audi 4-wheel drive wagon

The Yokohama AVS Intermediate was far and away the best tire I've ever owned. Great handling in all conditions but they are expensive and don't last forever. The Yokohama 509, Continental CH51 and Dunlop A-60's are rough equals-good, all-purpose tires that are somewhat uninspired. The famous Pirelli P-7 was definitely showing it's age-harsher, clunkier ride than the AVS intermediate with poorer handling, but a great value.