Second Audi: '89 200 Quattro Turbo Wagon
Purchased 1995 w/52,000 miles for $12,500.
Orignial list: $37,885
Sold 11/12/97 with 96,000 miles for $5500 as trade-in

In 1995, I rewarded myself on the first day of my job at Wells Fargo Bank by trading the Coupe in for a 1989 200 Quattro Wagon. This is an amazing piece of engineering. Though nearly 1000 lbs heavier (3850), the wagon is faster, gets better gas mileage (20 to 23 versus 19) and is much better appointed with rich leather throughout, heated seats, etc. The handling is amazing, too. It has far less body roll than my cinched down coupe. The 4WD and ABS are terrific. How they stuck independent suspension and the rear transaxle back there with absolutely minimal intrusion into the body just blows me away. This is a phenomenal car with a few complaints: the high-tech electronic speedo/odo is decidedly low-tech in operation (it didn't and needed a few hundred bucks to fix.)Replacing a headlight costs $280.

Sadly, though this was my dream car, it became a huge maintenance nightmare. I spent (yes..) over $7000 in repairs this year. Granted, 1500$ was in the awesome wheels and new Koni shocks, but it was still around $500/month in maintenance alone. Just prior to the "end", I backed it into a tree. The liftgate and glass had to be sourced from junk yards (parts not available here or in Germany) and it took 2 months to get it back. When I got it back, the fuel pump was making suspicious noises, the master cylinder was in need of repair. I wouldn't spend another dime on it!


Got a sweet set of Fuchs 15x7 wheels, after looking for nearly two years. Got them "online" at
Karquattro. Also replaced aged tires with Dunlop D-60's.


  • Hella Fog lights (blaufuergnugen)

  • Struts for liftback

  • Konis

  • Fuchs wheels

  • Boston Acoustics separates in dash and rear doors, Rockford Fosgate 40x4 amp, bazooka tube, Clarion head unit, Kenwood EQ.