Twain's Bachelor Party

August 28-September 1, 1996

The adventure begins when I pick up Norris at the SJ airport.
Our caravan of cars, heavily laden with a month's worth of "necessary provisions" and bikes, breaks up before we're half way to Tahoe with Norris and I taking the high road [580/5/99/50/etc....]. Chan and Stepp took the low road going up I-80 all the way.

Arrive around midnight after several stops and a six pack.


Overview of the Bikes :

Norris: Supergo AMP rip off frame-Dual suspension, XT/LX components, Hershey (light) hubs, sweet overall set up
Norris bike casualties: I ran over his front wheel and busted the overpriced quick release with my two-ton station wagon (oops).
Mein: Custom made Steelman frame, XTR hubs/Mavic 231 rims, XT/LX components, JUDY fork, a little on the heavy side.
Casulaties: destroyed headset and Xtraexpensive rear hub on day 2
Stepp: "Why doesn't he by" on sweet looking Fischer full suspension rental. Too bad he can't ride plush boats!
Casualties: Essentially, Stepp destroyed the bike, from wheels to water bottle holders. Don't buy this used!
Chan: Trek with Quadra shock and OEM, 3 year old tires
Casualties: Chain got dry. That's about it!