DAY 1: Chan's Bitchin' Ride

Gary led us on a righteous downhill fantasy that ended at Squaw Valley. Norris descended with Chan right on his tail. Not a good day for me. WHAT A DORKY LOOKING BUNCH! But few could match the mettle, the grit, the overall commitment to a good time.

Geeks from left to right, Gary Chan, Derrill Stepp, Twain Mein, Larry Norris.
Each with a certain talent; Stepp for leading us, Chan for suprising decscending capability; Norris for overall grittiness, and I think I can climb pretty well ('cause I'm scared goin' downhill)
Our fearless domestique.
"You gonna puke?"


Day 1 started at Kings Beach, North and West to Squaw Valley. Then we had to hoof it back on the road. Speeds of 50 mph were attained.