2004 Prognostications
Annual predictions of the year to come


Responses from
- Chang So
- Brian Fitzgerald
- George Sollman
- Dan Hankins
- Dave Lundell
- Derrill Stepp

Since I am no longer in the industry this is my brief take on this:

Grocery and Food: With mad cow and other diseases along with the idea that more and more people are trying that low card diet, Egg prices will continue to be higher and may even go up even more. Bread companies and bakeries are already hurting, so you will see the Wonder Bread and Earthgrains start making tasty low card breads that will fuel the craze even more.

Medicine: As the population grows so will the need for cures, but I see a focus this year on not just human cures, but for animals. With mad cow and the demand for meat because of the low carb diet, I can see why pharm companies would like to help out farms. :) (btw maybe this whole mad cow scare in Washington is a conspiracy that the bread/pasta companies are setting up so that people will drop these diets)

China: Biggest country with the largest potential in industrial growth in this year. You will continue to see more and more products with "made in China" stickers on the shelf and less and less "made in Mexico" or any other nation. In addition more investors will buy into China and large corporations will start building factories or offices in mainland. China is the new India in terms of engineering and math resources.

Google: heard this morning google is going public in April. Interesting move since everyone knew it was coming, but is this a good move? I think they have a battle set out for themselves if they do this trying to make investors happy. They are going to go through the same shit yhoo did with the addition of investors not buying into future growth or potential as they did pre burst of the dotcom bubble.

Cars: The major US car companies are pushing the good ole car this year instead of the SUV or related car type. The US was never good at creating these things and I will see american not really buying them like the car co. would like them to. (Toyota sold more cars than any other US car company last year). With the continued tax break and the idea we will have some sort of peace in the middle east, I would see most people continue buying SUV's.

Video Games: With Half Life 2 and Doom 3 coming out, you will see a continued and maybe even a faster growth rate of video games this year. The video card manufactures will sell a lot of their $$ video cards to support these games. It might have large growth than when the ps2 and xbox came out.

US Visit: or whatever they are calling it is not going to really work since they are only thumb printing and taking pictures of people not coming from certain countries. Great idea, but they still need to iron out the kinks. I agree with what someone said, that it will not catch terrorist.

Arnold: the peoples Governor will have a good year. Will bring back the drivers license for aliens with some sort of background check. Get the Cah-lee-forn-eee-ans to agree on a bond to fix the debt problem (I am not too sure about this myself) and will set himself up for a bigger political office in the future.

Online Music: it's legal, but who cares since you can still and people will continue to get things for free over the net. With the music industry loosing the battle of the isp's turning over the names of suspected file traders how will they ever stop online trading? In addition you will see software titles continue to go up since more and more households will upgrade to broadband making it easier for them to download music, software, and porn.

Computers: twain mentioned that apple computers are great looking and that the PC market design sucks ... I have to agree on that part, but a bigger question would be, why would people buy a new computer if they recently bought one in the last year or two? Computers are getting so fast that video games are the only reason to buy a new one and all you really need for vids is a faster video card. Also with DVD burners becoming cheaper and cheaper along with dvd xcopy and services like Netflix, I see dvd sales dropping and more and more people just pirating them. (I have done it and it is so easy that I don't know why more people don't do it)

ok I gotta get back to raising my egg prices .... chang

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