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Wow, now that's a contrast in viewpoints. Twain, when did you get so cynical? I share Norris' optimism and outlook on the NASA achievements with the Mars projects. Although not headline news...like Britney's marriage and annulment...it is one of the significant achievements of our lifetimes. And I too, give hope that we can put a man on Mars within our lifetime. Sadly, I seriously doubt it will come to fruition. it's really a matter of technology. We simply don't have the technology or capacity to supply enough fuel and oxygen to get a man to and back from Mars...and it's the getting back that will be the principle challenge. Within 50 years, we will develop a plasma-based propulsion technology that will allow us to greatly reduce the time required to make the trip. When that day comes, going to Mars will seem trivial and Mars will no longer be the primary destination of interest. Rather, it will be the destination of settlement. With water in the cap regions, it seems inevitable there will be settlements there. The real interest in my estimation will be Europa and how to get to Alpha Centauri...the next closest galaxy. Europa contains all the soup of life and Alpha Centaui gives rise that we can extend the reach of man beyond the confines of our present galaxy.

Just a thought

(in response to Twain:)

I agree. Though I still think that we never landed on the moon-it was a hoax and an arms war trick. Regardless, isn't it odd how people just don't care as much? There is too much reality TV and britney spears to consume. Plus the implications of landing on Mars requires viewers to THINK FOR THEMSELVES. That's too much work!!

(in response to Larry Norris:)

So, along these same lines. How cool is it that we have landed this rover on the surface of Mars? The scientific achievement is beyond me in so many ways. It begs the question - will a human land on the surface of Mars in our lifetime?



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