2004 Teschner SC7000 EuroPro
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Below: Easton bars require 2-bolt stem (seems silly). 3T Less is pretty nice. Yes, the top cap isn't totally flush. This has been fixed.

Zero Gravity Brakes. Very trick. Be careful with the titanium hardware tho; titanium is brittle so you don't want to yard on it and break (pun intended) something.

FSA Superlight cranks, Look Keo Titanium pedals, and new "Gene Simmons" Carnac shoes. FSA cranks are much stiffer than 9-speed Dura Ace, and lighter by 80 grams. Keo pedals weigh ~2 grams less than Speedplay Stainless pedals and offer larger contact area.

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Ordered Feb 25, 2004, Received April 20, 2004
Cost: $1627

EMAIL ME if you want to get one of these bikes!

Two years after buying the Fuji Team in '99, Peter Teschner, under the name of TI Sports, became the frame builder for the new Fuji Team bikes, originally building all Scandium, then introducing Scandium with carbon fibre rear stays.

I was always intrigued by the use of the carbon fiber stays. The originals have a kangaroo on the seat tube. On Feb 25th 2004,
I was "this close" to buying a used frame with the carbon stays for $900. This is what it looks like.

Ended up emailing and calling Peter ($300 phone call...) in Australia where he persuaded me to get one new from
him--basically at his cost. In exchange, I would help him optimize his web site for search engine optimization,
web-based marketing, and word-of-mouth advertising.

How does it ride? Fantastic! Much stiffer in the bottom bracket than the Fuji it is replacing. At the same time, the ride is very smooth; bumps are ironed out. Accelerates instantly. Handling is very stable. After burning out in the early '90s, it's got me excited about cycling again.  This year (2004), turned in my fastest bike split at the Donner Lake Triathlon on this bike--the 6th time raced since 1990, and 6 years older.

Specs: 2 lb 8 ounce frame with 73.5 degree seat angle (triathlon-biased), 73 degree head angle. Features Easton Scandium tubes, Easton SLX fork (300 gram), Time carbon seat stays with curved Scandium seat stays.

Update 2/19/05: Just under 15lbs. Nothing too scary light except tires and lunar light tubes. Zero Gravity brakes feel very secure and seem to brake as well as previous Mavics.

Update 3/13/05: lunar light tubes plus Vittoria ultra light tires = two flats in two rides. So I've replaced with heavier Continental tubes. Also put regular Dura Ace cables on. As a result, bike is now 15 lbs 3 oz, but pretty much no longer fragile but still damn light. Weight with Syntace triathlon bars is 16 lbs even.

12/29/07: Upgrade to 31.8: FSA SLK Compact road bars (225 gram), Ritchey WCS 4-axis stem (115 grams). Vs TTT Less Stem (130) and Easton EC90 Equipe (195). 10 gram more on scale.

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Build and Weights:

Road Build 14.978 pounds Rating


Component Brand   Grams Ounces Comments
Frame Teschner SC7000 EuroPro 1275 2.811 Took a while to dial in the stem/seatpost, but fundamentally great frame.
sti bosses Generic   5 0.011  
cable guide Generic   5 0.011  
seat collar Generic   20 0.044  
rear brake bolt Generic   5 0.011  
Headset Campy integrated 83 0.183 Stem needs to be adjusted monthly to make sure there is no play in the headset.
Fork EC90slx 300 0.661 Amazing fork. Much better than previous generation EC90's. Supple ride yet stiff enough.
headset spacers Carbon (save 5 grm)   15 0.044  
Brakes Zero Gravity 185 0.408 Slightly fragile but great braking power at a huge weight savings.
Brake Shift Dura Ace 9 spd 485 1.069 Had to replace after 4 years. Also, fit isn't as nice as 105 levers. Shifting is good.
Crank FSA Carbon Superlight 175 515 1.135 Claimed weight of 505; this is a little heavier. However, surprise to me; much stiffer than Dura Ace 9-speed.
Crankbolts FSA     30 0.066  
Bottom Bracket Dura Ace 9spd 175 0.386 The best BB money can buy. Light, smooth.
Front Der ring Dura Ace     30 0.066  
Front Derailleur Dura Ace   75 0.165 No complaints.
Cassette Dura Ace 9spd 154 0.340 Light, long lasting.
Rear Derailleur Dura Ace 9spd 195 0.430 No complaints.
Chain Dura Ace 285 0.628 Better than the stainless steel Wipperman chains; Wipperman are too wide.
Pedals Speedplay X/2/Keo Titanium 198 0.437 Speedplays are great. Look Keo are better; bigger platform tho harder to get in to than Speedplays.
Stem TTT Less-110 130 0.287 Good looking, stiff stem. Probably the lightest 2-bolt stem out there, necessary for Easton carbon bars.
Stem Cap Easton     10 0.022  
Handlebar   Easton EC90 Equipe 44cm 195 0.430 Think I have finally found the ultimate handlebars.
Handlebar Tape Deda Tape   45 0.099  
Cables IRD (est weight) 25 0.110 Pain in the ass to set up; IRD no longer makes them, go for Nokon instead. Housing is marginally lighter than Dura Ace.
Housing IRD (est weight) 40 0.143  
Seatpost Easton EC90 145 0.320 This seatpost is GREAT. No creaking, easy to adjust, lots of setback. Fantastic.
Saddle Selle Flite Carbonio 175 0.386 Comfortable for long rides, unlike the Selle SLR. Still pretty light, too.
Tires(f/r) Vittoria Diamonte Pro Light 350 0.772 Probably too fragile, but amazingly supple ride. 150 psi, and sick light.
Tubes(f/r) Performance  Lunar Light 100 0.220 Lunar Lights are too prone to pinch flats. Better bet is Specialized lightweight.
Wheels American Classics 350 1362 3.003 Fantastic, light wheels. A little flexy and not that aero, but the cheapest way to save a boat load of weight.
Rim Tape Velox cloth   10 0.022  
Cyclometer db4LW w/mount   50 0.110  
Cages (2) IRD 32 0.071 Bottles have "ejected" twice. But for carbon cages, hard to beat the price/weight. Very elegant design.
Skewers American Classics   85 0.187 Lightest I've found that are still quick releases.
  Total   6789 14.978  
  ratio   0.002 14.157