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REVIEWS by Twain Mein
Fizik Aliante 6/2/08
SRAM Red 9/23/08
Bike To Work 12/3/08
Fizik Antares Saddle 12/21/08
Cervelo R3 Project 3/04/09
Simkins Brakes
Vuelta Carbon Wheels 6/08/09
Vuelta Corsa Superlights 6/28/09
Fizik Ares 7/24/09
Easton SLX Wheelset 8/17/09
TRP 960 brakeset 8/30/09
2009/2010 Norco RR2 1/31/2010
2010 Fuji Sl-1 Pro 2/16/2010
Clean Bottle 5/13/2010
Simkins Egg Brake 5/13/2010
Antares Versus saddle 9/5/2010
Diamond DM-1 Pro Race 10/24/2010
Cervelo S3 2/23/2011
Lance Armstrong Article 5/24/2011
Keo Blade Ti 6/12/2011
Fuji D-6 6/5/2012
Zipp 303 Firecrest Carbon Clincher 7/20/2012
Zero Gravity Gravitas brakes. 3/12/2013
Hed Jet 50 Express wheelset. 5/10/2013
Do we really need 11-speed? 5/30/2013
Fair Wheel Bike Clinchers 10/29/2013
Redshift Sports Switch Aero System 1/25/2015
Fuji Transonic 4/7/2015

Fair Wheel BikesAivee Wheelset 8/16/2015
Cipollini Bond 9/3/2015
Fuji Sl 1.3 11/20/2015
Swift Ultravox 12/15/2015

Lightweight Urgestalt 12/15/2015

Parelee Z-Zero 3/26/15
ITU Worlds 2016 12/06/17

Lotus 110 10/02/17

Kestrel 4000 12/06/17
Fairwheel FSE wheelset 1/19/18

Chapter2 Tere 3/19/18

Lekki 8 Zero Gravity brakes 9/25/18

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Cervelo S3

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2006 Scott Plasma

2004 Teschner SC7000

1998 Fuji Team

2000 Hunter Cross

1990 Steelman



1998 Turner

1994 Steelman

1986 Nishiki Intl

Original Review

1986 Bicycle Guide


It all started when I got a blue bike with a hard plastic seat and training wheels; but it was rickety and too big for me. Then my grandparents got me a small yellow coaster bike with grippy treads; it was great for skidding. When I was 9, dad got me a three-speed with a banana seat for 79$ from the Emporium. It was the first bike I loved to ride. When I was 9 or 10, pops got me a Cylclepro BMX bike. I put on an alloy-head "gooseneck" and clear grips (which were stolen). It weighed about 36 pounds. When I turned 12, pops upgraded me to a sweet black and red univega; my sister ran into me and crushed the rear wheel. But it was this bike that got me in to cycling. In my Senior year of High School, I began riding with my neighbor, and my dad bought me a Nishiki Custom Sport. It was blue and fast, and I started going on 13 mile journeys with my friends Derrill and Gary. In 1984, Gary and I rode up Kings Mountain Road the Summer of our Senior year--my legs were shaking on the descent, but we felt like heroes. We rode around 25 miles. The ride is still a challenge.

In college, I bought a Schwin Varsity (34 lbs) for 70$ and put upright bars on it. I sold it later for a profit; the ride was dull and resonated. Bought my first mountain bike, a Diamond Back, with Deore components and Sugino cranks with goofy Biopace gears and a u-brake. This was before suspension. In my Junior year, 1985, deliberated between a Bianchi Limited and a Nishiki International. Opted for the Nishiki and had the shifters/rear derailleur upgraded to Shimano 600 index shifters. My average speed went from 14 to 16 mph, and I reached 53 miles per hour on a descent on Willamette Road in Eugene, OR. Over the course of time, I put mountain bike bars on it, full tri set up, and ultimately converted it in to a 'cross bike. I still own it and the ride of those steel tubes is still amazing.

The Nishiki truly got me hooked and I began competing in triathlons in 1987 with a fabric disc wheel liner and first generation Scott aerobars. A few years later, my parent's aerobics instructor went in to business with Brent Steelman. For $400, i got a Steelman racing frame; it was short wheelbase and very light, made out of high-nickel steel. It was fast, but rode rougher than the steel Nishiki. I ended selling it back to Brent and buying a Mountain Bike frame from him in 1994; it took months to receive it. In 1998, upgraded my road bike to a Fuji Team, scandium framed that weighs around 2.5 pounds. Also bought a Turner mountain bike; full suspension and amazing. In 2000, bought a Hunter Cyclocross frame from a friend; raced just two cross races in the next two years. In April of 2004 I got my ultimate road bike, the Teschner SC7000. It has reignited my love of cycling.