Prognostications and other thoughts

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Ice Cream Bike Ride

This was one of the cutest adven- tures thus far with Lily--my 3 year old daughter.

This Sunday, after having a wonderful time shopping at the open-air market with Pop-pop and eating Gan-ma's special breakfast, she came home, exhausted, and had a nap. When she awoke, she demanded to go "bike riding" with her daddy.
Trying to kill two birds with one stone, I loaded her into the bike trailer and headed down the very steep hill(s) to our little downtown area so I could do some errands too. We tromped around Rite-Aid with our helmets and sunglasses (she was wearing heart-shaped green ones-very fashionable). Then, for some random reason, I decided to take her over to Baskin Robbins for an ice cream.

After her initial decision to get "CHOCOLATE" she switched to "I want the BLUE ONE". Sure enough, blueberry sherbet was the choice. Despite asking for a "child's sized" cone, it was still chock-full. In any case, we were pressed for time and had to get back on the road and, per Lily, hit the local kid's park on the way home. Maybe not such a great idea to "eat and drive"...

Well, going back UP all those hills wasn't so easy with Lily en tow. She was giving orders from the back "daddy, no bumping!"--which was unavoidable because of the herky-jerky from me trying to pedal uphill and sticking to the sidewalks with it's many undulations.
Finally she warned "daddy, getting messy". I pulled over to see her smattered with blue (imagine her trying to eat the cone during the herky jerky movements, complicated by that huge helmet on her head and slouched position in the seat) and the "summit" of the sherbert was rapidly drooping downward. The napkin that covered the cone was saturated. After wiping off some excess and having a few healthy licks, I handed the cone back to her. Of course we didn't litter so the sopping napkin was rolled in dirt then put back in the trailer. Lily was still dead set on going to the park on the way home, so we trundled over.

The park entrance from the "down the hill side" required threading her trailer through a small opening and then pushing up a dirt hill that is barely rideable even without trailer. Finally we reached the high plateau and Daddy was simply exhausted. Conveniently, Lily said "all done", referring to her ice cream cone. I opened her canopy to the trailer, and, unfortunately, the sherbert still came over the top of the cone with another sopping napkin around it.
Lily then realized with a small panic in her voice, "Daddy, Lily kinda dirty!". I ditched the cone (but we didn't litter the napkin) and convinced Lily that it was probably more important to get back home and get clean--instead of going to the park. Finally she agreed. *phew*.

As I said, there are many and very large hills near our house--after much struggling, we finally made it back back up there.
And here is our shining, smiling, wonderful child, complete with blue dye #4 all over the place!
Note the blue hands and blue on her dress, in addition to her face, and the extra napkins in the pocket next to her!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Thumb, for the last time

Yes, this is becoming absurd. But 4 weeks later, my thumb still hadn't healed up. There was this piece of nail sticking up from the nailbed-I assumed it was just a small bit hanging on. But the finger still continued to throb. Previously, when I tried to pull it out, it really hurt, so I refrained. This time I pulled on that piece with some tweezers, and amazingly, this huge shard of nail just popped out. The piece of nail was 7MM long-over 1/2 inch! Apparently the impact drove the nail piece straight down into the flesh. Essentially no different than a piece of glass or metal.