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Friday, September 15, 2006

Turning 40

So, on Thursday, Sept 14th, I was hoping to head out of work early to go on a 3 day mountain bike ride/camping trip with 4 of my best friends to celebrate turning 40 on Sept 15th. Unfortunately, at work, there was a prearanged flag football game.

Well, my team was down, 28-7. It was time to get serious. The ball was handed off to me and I started running. Billy was coming at me so I cut left, then right, jumped, came down, and somehow I think my cleat stuck. I think my leg somehow bent back and to the left, kind of like this guy:

Needless to say, I crumpled to the ground. The pain was mounting and I thought about the damn mountain biking trip--i don't think i'll be able to ride. Unfortunately, I couldn't get up and needed to be walked off the field...and then to my car.
I called my sister and brother-in-law. He is an ER doc and she is a GI doc. Went to their house for motrin and crutches and he snuck me in to the local ER for a knee immobilizer. Meanwhile, my friends decided to cancel the trip, which was probably for the better as it hit 27 degrees that night.

Here's another picture of the knee; the one on the left is normal, the one on the right is, um, not.
And here is it larger.